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Case Studies

Here’s What Is Achievable For The Right Client

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    Eben Pagan Training - 3071 Webinar Registrations + $21,356.00 (115% ROAS)

    Information Products is an information products company that teaches entrepreneurs how to start and grow profitable businesses. They offer a wide range of quality digital programs and information products on marketing, business, productivity, and entrepreneurship.
    We worked with their team to set up a cold traffic webinar funnel that generated 3071 leads and $21,356 in just 5 weeks.

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    Women Of Wealth - 3762 leads + $126,000 (438% ROAS)

    Coaching Programs

    Sandra is a business coach who teaches aspiring female entrepreneurs how to create premium online courses, group coaching programs, and 1-to-1 consulting services. 
    When she reached out to us, she had already gone through one of our Facebook training programs and was making sales from her Facebook webinar funnel. However, she still felt like she could be doing better in terms of lead costs and ROI so she hired us to manage and optimize her campaigns.
    In the span of 4 months, we cut her lead costs down by half, generated over 3700 leads, and spent $28,747 to make $126,000 (a 438% ROAS).

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    By Referral Only - 1009 leads + $12,000 (535% ROAS)

    Online Education

    By Referral Only is an online training company that teaches real estate agents and lenders how to grow their real estate businesses.
    The client already had a successful business and established customer base, but they were experiencing some list fatigue and were looking for a way to replenish their list, ideally as quickly as possible.
    In just 11 days, we spent $2242.31, generated 1009 leads, and $12,000 in sales (a 535% ROAS).

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    Lead Gen Campaign In Security Niche - Spend $8,619.01 To Make $25,704

    Lead Gen

    We had a client in the security niche approach us to help them build their email list and monetize through followup emails.

    In just 5 days, we generated 459 purchases and $25,704 with just $8619.01 in adspend (a 298% ROAS)

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    208% ROAS For Local Salt Therapy Clinic

    Local Business

    Local businesses often operate with a much smaller budget but that doesn't mean Facebook ads cannot work for them. We helped this spa spend $994 to generate 204 sales conversations with very interested prospects. She then converted these conversations into $2072 in sales for 208% ROAS on her ad spend.

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    Design Build Web - $10249.70 to make $46,784.83 (456% ROAS) 

    Product Launch

    Dave reached out to us to help him run Facebook ads for his recent product launch. We drove over 1200 registrants for his launch webinar and followed up with strong retargeting to close out $46,784.83 in sales from Facebook alone.
    Along with sales from his own internal marketing efforts, Dave was able to pull off a successful 6-figure launch.

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    Career Coach - $583.96 to Make $12K In Less Than 30 Days With Brand New Funnel (2055% ROAS)

    Coaches And Consultants

    Carrie was breaking even after a year of marketing her coaching programs on her own, but was struggling to achieve the breakthrough she wanted. 
    We worked with her to reevaluate her niche, extract and package her unique genius, and helped her put together a full fledged marketing system including a new webinar, multi-step marketing funnel, email sequence, and Facebook ads. 
    In less than a month of running her ads, she generated over 400 leads, and closed $12,000 in sales with only $583.96 in adspend (a 2055% ROAS!).

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    Multiple 5, 6, and 7 Figure E-commerce Campaigns


    Aside from running client campaigns, we also run our own e-commerce drop shipping campaigns that have brought in consistent 5 to 6 figure months and multiple 7 figures in sales. 
    We've run in a variety of different niches including men's accessories, custom apparel, outdoor gear, cosmetics, fashion, baby, novelty gifts, etc. We’ve kept the brands anonymous due to the super competitive nature of drop-shipping. 

Our Skills & Capabilities

Get what you need to make paid ads work for you… all in one place.

Facebook Ad Strategy Planning & Launching

Get expert help architecting and launching the best ad strategy based on your unique situation.

Troubleshooting, Optimizing, And Scaling

Advertising is a dynamic process. We help you troubleshoot issues, analyze and optimize results, and scale up to hit your income goals.

Web Design & Funnel Build Outs

Get help building out your website, landing pages and funnels. We're familiar with all of the most popular tools on the market (Clickfunnels, Shopify, Active Campaign, Zapier, and more).

Graphics & Video

Get help creating high converting graphics and video ads for your campaigns. 

Tech & Automation

Get help with all the tech aspects related to running your Facebook campaigns. We can help with pixels, integrations, automations, and more.


We’ve written copy for multiple 6-figure launches and campaigns. We can provide quality feedback on your copy, easily work with your writers, or just handle copy for you.

What Clients & Students Are Saying

I’ve known Perry for almost 5 years now. We met when a friend of mine referred him to me as a potential copywriter for our team. Perry joined our team and immediately started producing results and making an impact. Not only did he really knew his stuff, but he was extremely was hard working and dependable. 
I’m talking about the never missed a deadline and pulled a few all nighters to help work on some time sensitive projects type dependable. Aside from being a pleasure to work with, Perry is what I call a “driver” and helped us generate results. During his time with us, Perry was key in helping us quickly create and test new offers, many of which beat some of our current controls. Perry really cares about the work he does and would definitely recommend working with him.


James Mielnik

CEO, Eben Pagan Training

I’ve worked with Perry on a handful of projects over the years and he’s consistently shown himself to be an exceptionally hard working and reliable individual to work with. 
Whatever the project, I could always count on him to do ‘whatever it takes’ to deliver results when it mattered. 
I brought him on to be a key copywriting partner for my Evolved Enterprise book launch, a project of great personal importance to me and something I wouldn’t have let just anyone do. 
With Perry’s help, we were able to successfully put together a 6-figure book release.


Yanik Silver

Founder, Maverick1000

Perry wrote my agency’s site copy – which still stands 3 years later and has processed 7 figures in sales – and I’ve recommended him to many of my top clients. 
What’s so unique about Perry is that in addition to being a great copywriter, he also gets big picture business strategy, and brings a larger entrepreneurial perspective to his work with clients. 
If you’re looking for a high performing funnel and strategic campaigns with integrity, I highly recommend Perry.


Dmitriy Kozlov

Co-founder, Vision Tech Team, Influex

Being a Technology guy I always wanted to start my journey as an ecommerce entrepreneur but I didn’t know where to get started. Fortunately, I was lucky to meet Larry and his brother Perry. 
I took their training on E-commerce and Marketing and implementing the strategy they taught about Launching my ecommerce store and Marketing and growth strategies. 
Long story short, it worked for me. I was able to grow my company to 6 figure sales within three months time. Always grateful and thank you Larry and Perry!


Sai Guduru

BI Consultant

Hi Larry, First of all- we survived today and it would not have been possible without you haha! In all seriousness though, as sure as we were when hiring you, you have managed to completely exceed our wildest expectations. Your knowledge and expertise is only superseded by your unprecedented customer service.

We have been able to put our full faith in you, with the core of our business, with absolute confidence. You are so talented, thorough, professional, all the while managing to de-code whatever the hell Jenna and I are talking about/freaking out about or bombarding you with emails, texts, you name it! I could seriously go on and on and but we are just so appreciative!! The website is incredible and we’ve received the best feedback.

You never steered us wrong, and advised us based on experience and a trusted opinion, for which we are eternally grateful. The launch went so smoothly and the speed at which you continually manage everything never ceases to amaze us! Thank you so so so much!!


Sarah & Jenna

Founders, HelloWellness

We’re in a highly competitive niche in the travel space and every ounce of marketing/operational efficiency counts when it comes down to succeeding in the marketplace. Larry not only gave us excellent advice on marketing and sales funnel design but was also able to connect us with an incredible network of resources, partners, and vendors that helped us scale our company.

Since we’ve connected with him, we were able to drastically lower our CPL (cost per lead) and increase our conversion rates. Additionally, with his guidance, we were able to hire skilled overseas contractors to do administrative tasks for us for a fraction of our previous cost. 

The combined net effect is that through reduced advertising costs and a freeing up of busy work – we were able to reinvest our money and time into scaling our business and thrive. A+ service, easy to work with and best of all, advice that makes a FAST meaningful impact.


Matthew Samoohi

Marketing Director/Business Development at Cultural Island Travel

Larry is one of the most knowledgeable individuals I know on the subject of online marketing. With his help, I was able to start my own online store, generating over $500,000 in revenue my first year. 
The insights and introductions he has given me have been incredibly valuable – The results speak for themselves. Applying what he showed me continues to pay dividends to this day. 
If you’re thinking of working with Larry or having him consult with you, I highly recommend it – he knows his stuff and is a kind, patient, and extremely genuine individual who goes the extra mile.


Ruben Kanya

Ruben Kanya - Lead Business Analyst @ Voya Financial

Larry and Perry helped me redesign my site and the results were phenomenal! I have received many compliments on how much more professional, sleek, and easy to use my new site is. Plus the increase in phone calls from potential clients – I have received more inquiry calls in the last 3 weeks than I received in the past 6 months!

Teresa B. - Business Analyst

Hey guys, just checking in. Haven’t thanked you for going out of your way to send me that process of hiring a VA. Haha well guess what, we’re hiring our second one! Things have been great and we’re moving into a bigger office. Just thought about shooting you guys an email after hiring our second VA today. Couldn’t have done it without you two. Appreciate it. Hope all is well with you and your ventures. Keep killing it brothas!

Gabriel V. - Ecom Entrepreneur

Working on my ecommerce store with Larry and Perry’s guidance has been a great learning experience. Their training helped me to find products that sell and taught me how to market these products with effective advertising. As a newcomer to ecommerce, I was a little intimidated and didn’t know where to start, but they helped me lower the learning curve and build a strong marketing foundation allowing me to generate my first sales online – generated $3k+ so far after a few weeks in. Thanks again twins!

James K. - Ecom Entrepreneur

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