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Larry & Perry

About The Yu Twins

  • Over 6 years of online marketing experience.
  • Generated millions in sales online to date.
  • Started an online business in college, grew it to $30K/mo before graduation.
  • Took that dorm room business to over $100K/mo shortly after graduation and over 7 figures before successfully selling it.
  • Along the way we’ve done copywriting, marketing and advertising consulting for many well known brands in the coaching, consulting, and info-product space including Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar, EbenPagan Training, Real Social Dynamics, and more.
  • DigitalMarketer Certified (Paid Acquisition, Customer Value Optimization, E-commerce)

Our Core Values

At HighConvertingAds, we adhere to 6 core principles. These values drive the way we operate our business and client relationships.

Less But Better

Clients Before Growth

Ego Is The Enemy

Take Full Responsibility

Deliver Value At Every Step

Make It Happen

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