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By Referral Only


Online Coaching / Digital Product


ByReferral Only is online education company that teaches real estate agents and lenders how to grow their real estate businesses.


The client had a successful business and established customer base, but they were experiencing some list fatigue and was looking for a way to replenish their list, ideally as quickly as possible. 


We ran a campaign for an initial 11 days, then paused the campaign to vet the quality of leads for this particular lead magnet we were promoting. 


In total, we spent $2242.31 and generated 1009 leads at $2.22/lead. These leads eventually converted into $12000 in sales via email and phone followup, generating a 535% Return On Adspend.

Results (11 Day Period):
  • 1009 new leads ($2.22/lead)
  • $12,000 in sales
  • 535% Return on Adspend (ROAS)
Services Rendered:
  • Done With You FB Coaching
  • Facebook Ad Strategy
  • Audience Selection

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