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Eben Pagan Training

Online Course / Digital Product / Info products
EbenPaganTraining.com is an online education company that teaches entrepreneurs how to start and grow profitable businesses.
The company offers a wide range of quality digital programs and information products on marketing, business, productivity, and entrepreneurship. 
The client approached us to help them set up a cold traffic webinar funnel for one of their flagship programs priced at $997-1997 (Depending on the payment and offer options).
Over the course of 5 weeks, we generated 3071 new leads and $21,356.00 sales at an average 115% ROAS. 
Results (5 Week Period):
  • 3071 new leads
  • $21,356.00 sales
  • 115% ROAS
Services rendered:
  • Full-Service Ad Management
  • Facebook Ad Strategy
  • Copywriting Consulting
  • Testing, Optimizing, Scaling

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