Facebook Ads Prelaunch Quality Check

One-time Prelaunch Review - We’ll review your account and identify any red flags and make sure that you have everything setup correctly before launching.

This Includes Us Double Checking The Following:

Your Campaign Structure

Your Budgeting

Your Bidding Settings

Ad Compliance

Pixels And Tracking

Your Audiences

Your Ad Placements

Your Optimization Settings

Funnel Compliance

Plus A Number Of Other Misc. Facebook Ad Account Related Issues

How It Will Work

After you make the payment for the review, we’ll email you within 24 hours, M-F and ask you to provide us with access to your FB ads account (we’ll provide instructions for how to do it). We will email you at the email address you checkout with so please use one that you check.

Once we receive access to your account:

  • We’ll log into your account and check your setup.

  • We’ll email you with the green light or with a list of changes we recommend you make before launching. This will take between 24-48 hours, M-F from when we receive access to your account. 

Additionally, we’ll provide 1 week of follow-up support via email in case you have any additional questions that come up as you are making changes. The week of support will start immediately after we provide the green light or list of changes to make. We generally respond within 24 hours on weekdays to email support.

Fine Print

Regarding Copy: We will look at your ad and funnel copy for potential compliance issues but will cannot do deep critiquing or copywriting coaching at this price point.

Regarding FB Compliance: We can’t guarantee that your ads will be approved since it is ultimately out of our hands. Some of Facebooks’s policies are up for interpretation so we can’t 100% guarantee what Facebook will do. That being said we will point out anything that might raise a red flag and let you know in advance. This being said, 99% of the time, there is no issue with approval because we crosscheck the policy rigorously.

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