Give A Friend $100, Get $100

Hey : ) Know someone who wants to grow their business?

Refer them to us and get $100 cash when they sign up as a client. Plus we’ll pay for their first $100 in Facebook advertising. Win-win! 

Here’s how it works. Below this paragraph is a form. Enter your name and email to join our referral program. When you fill out the form, this page will reload. The form you just filled out will be replaced with your unique referral link.

To refer someone, just share your unique link with them. When they click your link they’ll fill out a short form to validate your referral. Then if they end up becoming a client, we’ll email you to send you your payout!

Note: if the box above already contains a unique referral link, that means you’ve already registered for our referral program OR someone referred you. Either way, the referral link displayed above is yours : ) To refer someone, just copy the link in the box above and share it with them!

Check Your Stats

To check your referral stats in the future, just visit this page again. Your stats will appear in a box below this section. If your stats don’t show, enter your name and email again in the form towards the top of the page and your stats will appear!

On the off chance this app glitches, don’t worry. Every time we sign up a client, we not only check their name and email against your referral stats but we also ask them directly if they were referred by anyone.

Bottomline: if they came to us through you, we’ll make sure we email you and get your payment arrange!

Understanding Your Stats

When someone clicks your referral link, they will land on a page to fill out a short form. Only after they fill out the form, will your lead count go up. (We don’t want people spamming others.)

Leads = referrals that aren’t clients yet.

Successful Referral = leads that became clients.

Pending | $100 Cash = whoever you referred has not become a client yet.

Pending | $100 In Free Facebook Advertising = you were referred by someone else and you have not become a client yet.

Check Mark | $100 Cash = you’ve been paid out for your referral.

Check Mark | $100 In Free Facebook Advertising = you were referred by someone else and you became a client. We’ll make arrangements to pay for your first $100 in ad spend.

If you ever think the tracking is off or you weren’t given a referral you deserved, let us know via our contact form. We’ll make things right!