Step 4: Create High Converting Ads

Ok great, you have your audiences. Now let’s talk about how to create high converting ads for your webinar.

There are quite a few different types of Facebook ads that you can use, but we recommend starting off with a standard single image or single video ad so you can keep things simple and focus on dialing in your messaging.


Here is the basic breakdown of a standard Facebook ad.


You have the text up top. The Creative underneath it (this can be an image or video). The headline underneath that. Then the description and CTA button.
Every component has a job:

    Creative - gets the STOP (scrolling)
    Headline - gets the READ (the rest of the copy)
    Text - gets the CLICK (take the action that you want)
    The description supports the headline or click. The CTA button supports the click. Both don’t make a huge impact though so you can choose to omit them if you want.

So when you’re thinking about your ads, you want to think about what creative will get people to stop, what headline will make the ad relevant to the reader, and what text will get people excited about what you’re promoting and get them to click through and take action.

There’s no hard rule to this, but here’s a few tips:

Tip # 1: Try using pattern interrupts

A pattern interrupt is basically any stimulus that interrupts a person’s regular thought patterns. In other words, anything that shakes someone out of their default routine.
Imagine you just hiked up a mountain and you are looking out into the landscape. Everything is quiet and still. Then you notice a black shape move behind the trees. That’s a pattern interrupt.
Or imagine you are at a heavy metal rock concert. Everyone’s in black and jamming out. Then you see a little girl in a pink raincoat standing in the crowd. That’s a pattern interrupt.
It’s going to be different depending on the situation. If you’re out in the city and it’s raining outside, the girl in the pink raincoat is not going to be a pattern interrupt.
Point is, this doesn’t mean you need to create a jarring or bizarre image. You don’t need to be ‘shouting’ in metaphorical terms. It just has to be something that’s different than what people expect or usually see.
Here are some pattern interrupt examples that got us to stop scrolling.


Tip #2: Try Using Native Ads

Now another type of ad that we’ve seen work really well for webinar funnels is what they call ‘native ads’.

In short, ‘native ads’ is marketing jargon for ads that blend into the platform that they are on. In other words, when you create ads that don’t really look like ads, they tend to do better.

For example, here are two ads we ran for a client.

The one on the left looks like a ‘standard’ banner ad. The one on the right is just a picture of the client. Guess which one performed better in terms of CTR and sales? Correct, the right one.


And it’s not just for this client. We’ve seen them work for other clients and students in multiple different industries.


These ads work well because they come in under the radar. They don’t look like regular ads so they don’t trigger people’s conditioned ‘banner blindness’.
Many times, they also double up as natural pattern interrupts so thats an added bonus. 

Tip #3: Use your headline to make the ad relevant to the ideal prospect

The purpose of the headline is to make the ad relevant to the right prospect.
Many times, you can use an image that doesn’t really relate to the offer you are promoting. 
That’s fine, because the purpose of the image is to just get people to stop scrolling. 
It’s the headline’s job to call out to the person and get them to realize that this ad is for them. The easiest way to do this is to use a benefit based headline or a direct call out to the prospect in some way.

    Ex. Free Marketing Workshop For Coaches
    Ex. 50% off XYZ productivity software
    Ex. Facebook Ad Agency Blueprint
    Ex. Calling all U.S veterans 

You see how any of these headlines would immediately make the ad relevant to the right reader?

Tip #4: Use Swipe files

As with all creative endeavors, the best way to come up with ads is to use swipe files. In other words, draw inspiration from other people’s ads and innovate from there.
You can build up your own swipe file by saving ads that you see that catch your attention. 
You can visit your competitors pages, and get them to retarget you with their ads.
You can also leverage existing swipe files that others have created.

Action Steps

  • Write out a headline and text copy for your webinar ad

  • Find or create 4 different images or videos you can pair up with the copy

Up Next: Setting Up Campaign Structure