Step 9: Split test to keep campaigns healthy long term

In addition to scaling, you want to allocate some of your daily budget to split testing.

All ads eventually fatigue and die off so split testing will create new winning ads and keep your campaigns healthy long term. 
The key to split testing is to test one variable at a time.
You want to find your best performing ad sets and combinations (i.e Audience | Angle | Creative). And then create a new ad set keeping two variables the same and changing one variable.
For example, let’s say you have one winning ad set made up of the following combination:
[Audience X | Angle Y | Creative Z]
You can create a new duplicate keeping [Audience X | Angle Y] the same, but use 4 new creatives.
Or you might keep [Angle Y | Creative Z] the same and test a new audience.
Or you might keep [Audience X | Creative Z] the same while testing a new angle or headline.
Note: This ‘change one variable at a time’ rule also applies to your campaign as a whole.
Your campaigns have a Traffic side and a Funnel Side.
If you are split testing components in your funnel (i.e changing your funnel steps, testing a new webinar, etc), then keep your traffic side constant. 
If you are split testing components to your traffic, then keep your funnel constant.

Action Steps

  • Identify your best converting ads and try to make them better by split testing a new version of it

  • Identify any weak points in your funnel and create split tests to try to optimize

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