Step 10: Add Retargeting To Plug Up The Leaks

Once you start getting some traffic coming in to the top of the funnel, you’ll want to launch some retargeting ads to get people to move further down the funnel.

Let’s say someone opted in but didn’t watch the webinar. You might send out an ad reminding them to go watch it.


Or if someone opted in and watched the webinar, but didn’t schedule a call, you could have an ad go out reminding them to sign up for the call.


Or you can even retarget people who engaged with your business to message your fanpage directly to get conversations started


Action Steps

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    Add in retargeting to plug in the holes and get people to move down your funnel


Ok awesome! You made it to the end of the guide!
You now have an 'operating system' that you can use to advertise successfully on Facebook for your webinar or client acquisition campaigns.
Let’s recap on the steps we covered.

    Step 1: Get tracking set up correctly for each step of your funnel
    Step 2: Define your success metrics and budget
    Step 3: Find the right audiences to target
    Step 4: Create high converting ads
    Step 5: Set up your ads with the right campaign structure
    Step 6: Let campaigns run for 3 ideally 4 days
    Step 7: Evaluate results to identify winners and losers
    Step 8: Scale up to reach your goals
    Step 9: Split test to keep campaigns healthy long term
    Step 10: Add retargeting to plug up the leaks

We hope you’ll take this and get some great results with your campaigns!

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