Step 1: Get tracking set up correctly for your funnel

The first step when setting up Facebook ads for your webinar is to make sure you have tracking set up correctly.

It might seem obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many times we’ve audited a clients account and discovered that their tracking was totally out of wack!

Without proper tracking you’re advertising blindly, so you want to make sure you get this set up correctly. 

Start by opening up a spreadsheet and map out your funnel so you can see all the pages in one place. 

List out all the pages in your funnel. List out the URL for each page. Then assign the conversion event you want to use for each page so it’s clear. We used Standard events in this example, but you can use custom conversions if you want. 


It’s beyond the scope of this guide to show you the technical steps of setting up tracking since it’s going to be different depending on the platform you are using (i.e clickfunnels, wordpress, webinar jam, etc). 
That being said, the general steps are the same. 

    Install Facebook Base Pixel in the header of every page of your website
    Place Facebook Standard Event pixels on the pages you want to track OR create Facebook Custom Conversions for each page in the funnel

Just Google ‘How to install facebook pixel + [name of whatever you are using to build your funnel] to learn how to setup the base pixel.

Then Google, “how to install Facebook Standard Event pixel + [name of whatever you are using to build your funnel]” to figure out how to install standard events. Alternatively, Google “how to create Facebook Custom Conversions” to figure out how to create Custom Conversions.

  • Pro Tip #1:

    In general, we like using standard events because it makes evaluating campaigns easier later on. 

  • Pro Tip #2:

    Wedge a thank you page between the optin page and content page to track unique leads.

A mistake we see people make is to direct people directly to their content page right after someone opts in instead of having a thank you page wedged in between. 

For Example: 

Optin Page -> Webinar View Page (Bad Practice)

instead of

Optin Page -> Thank You Page -> Webinar View Page (Best Practice)

This is an issue because there is a high likelihood that people will visit your content page more than once and if your Lead conversion pixel is setup on the content page, it will fire every time someone visits that page and inflate your results.  
You want to track unique Leads, so you want to place the Lead pixel on a page that someone will only visit one time. 
That’s why we suggest wedging an optin thank you page between the optin page and the webinar view page.

Action Steps

  • Install your Facebook Base Pixel onto every page of your funnel

  • Install the Standard event onto each page on funnel OR create custom conversion for each step (whichever one you decide on using)

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