Step 6: What To Do After You Launch

As a general rule of thumb, every time you submit a new ad, let it run for 3 (ideally 4) days before making any changes.

Seriously. Avoid the impulse to mess with it even if the results seem bad out of the gate. 
Your worst adset on day 1 could become the best one on day 4. The numbers that come in day 1 are not statistically relevant if you are running at low budgets. You have to give Facebook some time to collect data and optimize off that data.
While you wait, you’ll want to edit your Facebook reporting to make it easy to evaluate your adset performance later on.
We recommend customizing your reporting to match up with the funnel that you are using.
So following the same webinar to call example from earlier, that’d look something like this:


Notice how you're able to see your CPC, opt in page views, leads, registration completed, add to cart, and add to wishlist, etc. 
Remember, these are the same standard events that we used to track each step of our funnel in step 1.


Feel free to add other stats that you might find helpful. Here's a snapshot of one of our custom views you can model. 


Action Steps

  • Let each new marketing test run for 3-4 days

  • Customize your Facebook reporting columns to reflect your funnel

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